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I play instruments, write, record, mix and produce music

for bands,theater, movies, radioplays and dance

and sometimes still manage to do my own music


Photo by Jetmir Idrizi


Born near Münster in 1978, I play in bands since the age of eleven and gained insight into a hugh variety of musical styles and different artistic approaches. Since the age of thirteen I have also been recording and producing my own and other peoples music.


In 1999 i moved to Berlin to study double bass and had a deep and long relationship with  jazz, improvised  and acoustic music that led to tours, festivals and occacionally winning a price with different bands and projects.

With time moving on i focused on songwriting and production during almost ten years that  i spend with my alternative pop band Super700 either hitting the roads or hiding in studios.

Following that i got deeper into electronics, sounddesign and classical approaches with doing music for theater, cinema and radioplays. 

From 2011 to 2015 I lived in Kosovo, where I also worked with different bands and musicians in a comfortable gem called STUDIO C.

These days i mainly work out of my studio THE COP SHOP writing and producing for theater plays or projects like Brigade Futur lll and the Swiss National Jazz Youth Orchestra. At the the same time I always love to produce, mix and master other peoples music. Though that is only a part of my work and happening within left field and jazz music territory, my work has helped to find over 15 million plays . Thanks for stopping by.


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