I play instruments, write, record, mix and produce music for bands, movies, theater, radioplays and dance

and sometimes still manage to do my own music


Photo by Jetmir Idrizi


I was born near Münster in 1978 and started to play in bands at the age of eleven. Since then I was lucky to gain insight into a hugh variety of musical styles and different artistic approaches.


In 1999 i moved to Berlin to study double bass and had a deep and long relationship with  jazz, improvised  and acoustic music that lead to tours, festivals and occacionally winning a price with different bands and projects.

With time moving on i focused on songwriting and production during almost ten years that  i spend with my alternative pop band Super700 either hitting the roads or hiding in studios.

The recent years i got deeper into electronics, sounddesign and classical approaches with doing music for theater, cinema and radioplays.


Making use of my broad background, it is often very inspirational to enlighten one type of music with the insights of another one. I find it rewarding to switch perspectives from the creative side of music production to the technical side and back. I emphasizeon creating believable musical worlds with depth and emotion in whatever style and position i will find myself in. These days helping people to get the most from their ideas is as enjoyable to me as developing my own music. My approach is not limited to musical ideas only, as it might be of need to reach out further, to make music find its place within a theater play, a dance piece or a movie.


After splitting my life between Berlin and Prishtina (Kosovo) for some years I am fully settled back in Berlin since summer 2015, running my little studio THE COP SHOP

to produce, mix and master other peoples records. At the same time I do soundtracks for theater and movies and work on my own projects like Brigade Futur lll.


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