Here you will find music of great artist in the field of

alternative music and pop that i worked on

Deniz Jaspersen - Planet

I produced the song planet on the 3rd sequel of the famous "indie artist write children songs"- sampler "Unter meinem Bett".



In May 2017 i finished my first team production with David Yos a songwriter and producer from Berlin producing the beautiful little jewel of the brothers Bruckner called Berg.


Drei Sekunden Island - Wildnis EP 

I produced two songs on this record from 2016. Watching the video is like getting a very needed holiday every time.


Tajcido - Selftitled

I did some extended stem mastering on this hypnotic Albanian Lofi Krautdisco record. 4th record on PMG Tirana. Really like it.



The Bianca Story Digger

The Miners from Sitzerland. I met them in Basel and we found out we are on the same label. I ended up recording and co-producing some of their great great songs that got finalized by infamous mixmaster Jegi from Samplehof.


 Dan Freeman and the Serious

Dan is one of my favorite singers with a perfect band and i was very happy to do some additional production and then mix his first record back in 2012.



I met Daniel at the Wache and was very happy that i could help him to finish his Album. We recorded some beautiful basic tracks as a trio with Christian Marien over that we poured a colorful bucket of overdubs. The Album got released on Akkerbouw Records and got some very nice reviews and radio recognition from the like of RADIO 1 and others.

MISTER ME - Zeit bleibt Zeit 

My second team production with David Yos that is gonna be released these days. I was happy to have some old friends  playing on this, drummers Sebastian Schmidt, Thomas Fietz and the infamous super brass section Richard Koch and Jerome Bugnon.


One of my favorite records in 2017, really enjoyed mastering it. Great and deeply cinematic instrumental tracks by Tiranas Bledi Boraku, hosting most of my favorite musicians from Kosova and Albania.


Dropout Patrol - Sunny Hill

Amazing band from Berlin.  We recorded and mixed this great album in Prishtina in Studio C at  Briegu i dielit which means Sunny Hill. Released in 2015 vinyl/cd on Altin Village & Mine and KF Records.


Por-no - Zhurmuesi

The Band of my brother in law Dritero Nikqi. Together we produced the Album Zhurmuesi which was released in May 2014. Scince then we played some great concerts in Kosova and Albania.



An amazingly talented young band from Berlin. I mixed their first EP on Universal in 2013. You can fully listen to it on their Website.