Here you will find records of great improvising musicians

that i had the pleasure to work on



Themroc 3


A long existing Trio with to me classic tunes. I recorded this in H2 at Funkhaus Nalepastrasse and mixed and mastered at the cop shop. Also on Why Play Jazz.


Benjamin Weidekamp Quartett

seriell, nicht seriös

Benjamins first solo project. Recorded by the great Walter Quintus. Mixed and mastered by me. We worked hard to give it a special sound that leaves the path of how jazz is used to sound.

It turned out great.


Hyperactive Kid


One of the best bands in German Jazz. You can hear they play together for ages. I mixed and mastered this one. 


Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky / Michael Griener

The Salmon

I recorded this one. The two went into the recording room and i closed my eyes infront of the monitors. When they came out after 2 hours, we had a record, without a question. Things can be so simple and beautiful.



2 Trios & 2 Babies

I had a great time in Leipzig playing the double bass with this interesting constellation. A year  later the CD came a long as a very nice surprise.

Sebastian Schunke - Vida Pura

I remember i drove into a Jaguar on the way to the studio. But the bass didn't break and the great songs and musicianship made me totaly forget the accident till the next day when the insurance company called...

I always loved Sebastians music an i am very happy that  these days he gets the deserved recognition as a true innovator in the Latin Jazz world.


Sebastian Schunke - Movement

I did only some little electronic live effects on this one, but it was amazing to be with that international supergroup at the legendary Tonstudio Bauer.  I was lucky to be also there during the mixing session and watch Johannes Wohlleben doing some magic on the big Neve.

Sonja Kandels - God of Laughter

This was my first CD recording ever. We recorded at Nalepastrasse, where we then had our super700 studio just a few years later. I fortunatly got the  chance to record with legendary griot musician Abdourahmane Diop on this Album. He sadly passed away this year. He left a mark in my life with that session.